Anita Anes

Profile Updated: December 10, 2009
Anita Anes
Residing In: Ormond Beach, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Michael
Occupation: House Wife ---LOL--- ( Long Story)
Children: I have helped raise so many other people's kid's (Enjoyed the up's and down's) that when the time More…came for me to decide--- my decision had already been made. --- I was too damn tired to start being a "New Mom" .... I Decided to Just make sure I would at least have all the pleasures of .....
Yes! Attending Reunion
Attending Reunion



Not right now --- Stay tuned ... I will think of something .... Now that's funny!!!! the question under this box --- (What have you been up to since 1980?) I really have to go check out some of this ...

School Story:

I was skipping P.E. class-- I came out of the girls bathroom in the upstairs hall and almost knocked over this short balding man. He kept walking, I followed him all the way to the front office--- as he turned to go in I walked up to his side really fast and whispered in his ear " Did you ever get the feeling you were being followed ?" then I walked away fast and turned the next corner and ran. ---- One week Later He Came into my P.E. class walked up to me and asked me if " I ever got the feeling i was being followed?" I laughed !! He introduced himself as Jack Surrette the principle .